Date for   Saturday, October 6, 2018 8:00:00 AM - Saturday, October 6, 2018 6:00:00 PM

Accidentally DevOps : Continuous Integration for the .NET Developer

Are your production releases big and scary? They shouldn’t be! In this talk I’ll show you how to make releases easier and repeatable. We’ll look at how CI can surface issues faster. Then we'll set up a CI server, hook up a process to build and deploy to Azure with every checkin. I’ll show you all the tools you need to get started with CI on the .NET stack. This talk is by a Developer for Developers. If you're interested in the release process and making it easier, this talk is for you. Topics Include: Build servers (Jenkins, TeamCity etc) Setting up a local NuGet server Octopus Deploy for easy deployments. MSBuild Unit and Integration Tests Canary and Monitoring The ELK Stack Blue/Green deployments for Seamless releases Configuration Management VCS Best Practices Database CI with RedGate Tools


DevOps/System Administration

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Hattan Shobokshi


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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