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Applied Functional Programming

Functional programming (FP) is a hot topic these days. Often times getting started with FP is a series of tutorials that show the learner how to use functions like map, filter, and reduce (fold in some languages). Maybe the learner will start to stumble on words like functor and monad. These are all really good things but does not show how to apply functional programming in a larger programming context. How does functional programming help developers solve problems? What does it look like to leverage functional thinking and design in application development? These are something we are going to explore in this section. The primary audience for the session are people who have a curiosity for FP, or have tried their hand at FP only to find themselves stuck on map, filter, and reduce (fold) and want to try to expand their mind further into functional thinking. My goal is to show how to apply FP to day to day programming tasks and help demystify some of the art of FP.


Functional Programming

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Matt Ludwigs


2:15 PM - 3:15 PM
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